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The King of Monarch Electric Mountain Bike Festival will NOT take place in the summer of 2021.

The Rio Grande Railroad designated Salida, Colorado as the Heart of the Rockies

A 4 day event ( Friday-Monday ) on the Continental Divide in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains.

Monarch Pass on the Continental Divide at 11,312 feet above sea level

The Festival will be held at the Ponderosa Lodge in Maysville, Colorado with the race taking place on Sunday.

Camping, Foods Trucks, Cash Bar, Bands, Showers and indoor dining will all be available at the Lodge. A party festival-like atmosphere at the Lodge with bands in the front and and Sponsor displays and Vendors offerings will take place from Friday to Sunday night.

The start of Old Monarch Pass is the Halfway point.

Limited RV spots are available and motels are available throughout the area. Along with Hot Springs and River Rafting opportunities.

Mtn Bike Trails in the Heart of the Rockies

There are hundreds of miles of Mountain Bike trails in the region and a even a shuttle to run you up to the Continental Divide and Monarch Pass if you’d like to practice on the CDT and the descent down Greens Creek. Maps and daily ride suggestions will also be offered.

Number plate example

The King of Monarch eMTB 40 mile Enduro will start and finish at the Ponderosa Lodge. Enduros start 4 riders every minute with riders Numbered 1A, 1B, 1C & 1D . 2A, 2B…

Continental Divide Trail at the Continental Divide

The Highlight of the Enduro will be the climb up to the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) at almost 12,000 feet and the Technical Descent down Green Creek. The Entire 40 mile loop would consist of just over 7,500 feet of climbing and descents. At a 12 mph average it would take just about 4 hours to complete.

Paved’ section of Greens Creek

The Greens Creek check-in on the the CDT is at 11,900 to the last Emergency check at the bottom of Greens Creek at 8,500 feet is a 3,400 foot descent in only 7 miles. Greens Creek is some of the most challenging technical Singletrack riding in the Rocky Mountains.

Greens Creek at the Continental Divide

The King of Monarch will be a 40 mile loop, with almost 4 miles of pavement connecting sections. The ride Starts at 7,500 feet and will climb to just over 12,000 feet, over the old mining roads to Taylor Gulch. From the top of Taylor Gulch it a descent to 9,700 on a steep wide mining road to the old Denver & Rio Grande railroad right-of-way up to the Monarch Mine near the town of Garfield.

Elevation Profile of KOM

From above Garfield across from the Monarch mine, it would then be a climb partially on pavement to the Old Monarch Pass at over 11,325 feet.

We would then have a short singletrack special Test section from Old Monarch over to Monarch Pass. From Monarch Pass the route climbs an additional 600 feet on 2 track and outstanding Iconic Singletrack to almost 12,000 feet in the next 6 miles.

Old Monarch Pass on the Continental Divide at 11,375 feet

From the awesome Views of the CDT and the its Epic Singletrack, you will enjoy a leisurely pace to the Check-in at Greens Creek. We will not race on the entire CDT Singeltrack. Most of the CDT will be a transfer section to Greens Creek. After Greens Creek the ride is a mainly downhill transfer section back to the Fairgrounds and the Finish.

Original King of Monarch Course Map Overview

The King of Monarch eMTB Enduro would consist of at least 5 Special Test Sections with known Check-ins. The Festival will involve 10’s of Volunteers and multiple man hours to organize.

This entire Festival and concept will depend upon securing Permitting from the San Isabel National Forest.

Which did not happen in 2021,

KOM Map and Elevation Profile Overview